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bodyweight-back-and-biceps-workout-calisthenics-routine_264779Who would have thought that the perfect calisthenics exercise would be as simple as jumping up and down? Calisthenics will never go out of style because they are cheap and they can be done anywhere - at home or on vacation.

Pull-ups - Pull-ups hit every muscle group in your upper body with an emphasis on back and biceps. Try to do them slightly different every time, ex. overhand, underhand, wide grip, close grip, etc.

Hip Rotation - Begin this exercise by standing straight and placing your hands on your hips. Then slowly move your hip in clockwise direction and then in anticlockwise direction.

Squats and pullups are the typical exercises associated with calisthenics. You can certainly get started with strength training with these kinds of exercises. However, it gets to a point where endurance is the name of the game, and not strength. While 100 pushups is quite a feat, it is much more impressive to perfectly do a set of ten one arm pushups. Low repetitions are necessary for strength training, as the muscles develop faster. Make sure you increase the difficulty of bodyweight exercises with low rep sets. Fortunately, all you need is your bodyweight in order to make a great calisthenics workout.If you wish to learn more about this, visit beginner calisthenics workout.

Calisthenics utilize your own body weight through a series of stretching exercises. More advanced levels of calisthenics routines incorporate the use of weights or resistance bands. A typical calisthenics session would usually include a series of exercises such as dips, push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises and squats to target different muscle groups of the body. These exercises are combined to create a routine that is done by an individual three times a week.hq720

Holding onto a suspended bar, with your hands about shoulder-width apart, and your palms facing forward, pull yourself up until your chin is at level with the bar. When you lower yourself back down, keep a slightly bent in your elbow. Straightening your arms fully stresses the joints more so than it does the muscles and can cause injury. The affected muscles are those of the upper back and forearms. The underhand grip variation (with the palms facing you) target the biceps.

Hanging from a bar get into an L-Sit. Now dip backwards, so that your legs become vertical. Then start moving your legs from side-to-side; twisting your core while trying to reach as far as you can. Your range of motion will increase with practice as well as balance. This calisthenics exercise is great of obliques.

A lot like a one-arm push-up; but instead of having your body weight distributed between your feet and arm, your mainly relying on just one arm. If you're really really short, then perhaps a good sturdy desk will do, otherwise go find a wall! Maybe do a few regular dips to get into it, and once your ready use only one hand. It may help to lean forward a bit so that your arm is directly bellow your chest, and pivot as you lower and raise yourself back up.